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H & M Brick Lane Bikes

H & M is a staple of every mans wardrobe, from classic, simple and time pieces through to a younger, more vibrant edge, there really isn’t much not to like. And now we might go and like them even more, and they teamed up with Brick Lane Bikes for the new H & M Brick Lane Bikes Collection.

Featuring a range of pieces including trousers, shorts, cap and a number of shirt options as well as a jacket. The functional wares have a few hidden safety aspects in as well. Roll up the trouser leg to reveal reflective taped seams, and roll it back down when you get off your bike at the pub. These really are designed and made to be worn on and off the bike, with no worrying looks from Grannies as you prance around in your lycra with your budgie on view for all to see.

H&M for Brick Lane Bikes

Following the functional, greener theme of cycling, the materials used are also sustainable including organic cotton, recycled polyester and recycled wool. It’s also all in the detail, the H & M Brick Lane Bikes rider jacket is made water repellent, featuring taped seams and vents under the sleeves. Cut longer at the back, it even features straps on the inside so you wear it as a backpack once it dries up.

H&M for Brick Lane Bikes brings together the fashion, function and heritage of cycling. Each piece has been designed so it can be worn on or off the bike, inspired by the vibrant colours and specialist knowledge which make Brick Lane Bikes so unique. It’s great that they’ve tested every single piece around the streets of London, so we know the collection really works,” – Petter Klusell, designer at H&M.

Not to forget of course Brick Lane Bikes, often a cooler, undertone brand which has now been thrust into the mainstream limelight, it really is a feather in their cap.

The whole range is a classic, quite nearly vintage look on cycling, and it is sure to keep the fixies of London and UK cities very happy as it hits stores.



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