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Hackett: The Great British Sponsor

Recently we posted an article on our visit to the Le Mans 24hr race. We were a guest of Hackett London who sponsor the Aston Martin Racing Team. I will be honest and admit that although I knew of Hackett, I knew very little about them, and their strong connections to British Sport. It was very interesting to learn a little more about this very British brand…


You would think, given their traditional style and well known name that Hackett has been producing clothing for 10’s of decades, and I was surprised to find out that Hackett started it’s humble beginnings in 1983 from a market stall on Portobello Road in London. Jeremy Hackett (founder and still blogging!) and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings then opened their first store on Kings Road in Chelsea, originally only selling used clothes, the company soon evolved over the following years to designing and selling it’s own items, and by 1989 had even open a store in Madrid.

Fast forward to today and Hackett is one of the best known British brands on the market, with some 77 stores in sixteen countries across the globe, though interestingly, none in the US, yet… It’s traditional style mixed with contemporary overtones makes it a very individual brand amongst some of the more main-stream names. Yes in recent years it is true to say that some of Hackett’s clientèle do not always portray the clothing range in the right light, and this may well have harmed the brand in recent years, but delve a little deeper into the collection and you will find some pretty fetching attire. We love the tailored blazers that they are becoming famed for, the slim cut and a range of shades mean there is one for every occasion. Add to that the summer colours to the shorts and chinos, and you have a brand which is right on trend with the extra heritage factor.


Couple this with Hackett’s unwavering support for some of the UK’s biggest sporting events and you have another British brand to be immensely proud of. Hackett sponsor amongst other things; Closter Snow Polo, The Boat Race, London Rowing Club, British Army Polo, Aston Martin Racing and many more. For this, we here at Average Joe’s salute you Hackett. Keep it up.


Check out their full range online now.



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