We were on the look out for some new hair products when we came across the Hairbond guys on Twitter. The brand has been around for a few years now and with the help of some decent digital PR and celeb (Dick and Dom use hairbond…) endorsements the products are flying off the shelves. Read on for our full Hairbond Review.

Hairbond Review

The Hairbond range includes shampoo, conditioner and a range of hair products. We tested three of the Hairbond hair styling products. Here is how we found the products.


Hairbond Designer

Described as an ‘exclusive, styling product that creates texture with a moist finish’. This one does exactly that. A light texture allows this hair cream to be applied easily and swept through your hair. A medium strength rating on this makes it easy to wash out and wont leave you with a greasy finish.


Hairbond Shaper – Toffee

First things first – this product smells incredible. Unsurprisingly this shaper smells of toffee and it is so good I have found myself asking people to smell my hair. Mainly just friends but it wont be long before I’m inviting strangers (female) to have a good smell.

Moving on… This has the strongest hold strength rating across the range and is strong hair wax that doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or too solid. This shaper will give you a flexible hold that will last all day but will also wash out easily at the end of the day. And did I mention it smells good?


Hairbond Moulder Review

This matte finish paste is another great hair product with a mid-strong hold strength. This one is a thicker paste that only requires a small amount and leaves a dry-look finish. Create any look you want with this moulder and again it doesn’t leave your hair looking shiny or greasy. Reshape this one as much as you like during the day and it is another great smelling product!


If you’re looking for some top quality products to use on a daily basis we highly recommend giving Hairbond try. Since we received our first hairbond delivery we now have 50% of the Average Joes team using the products, maybe we can join the footballers and new ambassador Jimmy Anderson on the hairbond homepage as famous users? No… ok worth a try.

Available from £13.99 – check them out at hairbond.co.uk.




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