We Tried Harry’s Razors: Here’s What We Think

Praised for their design, Harry’s razors have taken the shaving industry by storm since launching in the UK in 2017. Selling directly to their customers online through a subscription service, Harry’s have a reputation built on performance, craftsmanship and outstanding customer service – they’ve been trusted by over 10 million Joes. So naturally, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about and decided to test out Harry’s for ourselves!


The Concept

But before we talk performance, first let’s talk concept. Harry’s runs on a cancel-anytime subscription service, which means when you first sign up, you’ll get a Trial Set containing (and we quote) “Everything You Need For a Smooth Shave”. That means the Truman weighted rubberised Handle, five-blade Razor Cartridge, Foaming Shave Gel, and Travel Blade Cover are all included. Then you’ll be sent a set of blades every 2, 3 or 5 months, depending on the shave plan you choose.

We should also say that you can purchase any of Harry’s shave supplies without a subscription at any time, so you can buy their products as and when you need without a shave plan. Flexibility is key here, with Harry’s trying to make things as simple as possible.

The Price

Now it’s time to crunch some numbers; in theory, the Trial Set is completely free, just cover delivery for £3.95. That’s far cheaper than having to head into town and fork out for a razor from one of shaving’s other leading brands. And quite honestly, no alternative will look as good; the Truman comes in either Total Orange (as seen in the images), Nautilus Blue, or Olive 107, and they all feel and look suitably sleek and contemporary.

Subscription-wise, you’re looking at either £14 for 8 Blades, £19 for 8 Blades and a Gel, or a Family Plan of 16 Blades and 2 Gels for £36. This means cost-per-blade is well towards the lower end of things, coming out at just £1.75 per blade. That is considerably cheaper than a well-known rival brand’s five-blade cartridge with a trimmer blade.


The Performance

So Harry’s is convenient and inexpensive. But how does it perform? Let’s not beat around the bush here; Harry’s offer a truly brilliant shaving experience. It shouldn’t really be a surprise either: Not only do they sell directly to customers (cutting out the middleman), they also manufacture all of their own blades in their own factory in Germany, so quality control is always at the forefront.

Harry’s razor blades glide with ease thanks to the lubricated strip on the cartridge. Control is often one of the biggest issues we find with razor handles, but thanks to the textured pattern and the weighted core of the rubberised handle, you always feel in control – even when wet.

Our only criticism would be the accompanying Shave Gel isn’t the biggest in size (60ml). But it is very refreshing and you do get a bigger size with a shave plan, and/or you can always purchase larger sizes separately.

The Verdict

We’re happy to go on record and say Harry’s offers one of the closest at-home shaves we’ve had. If it’s purely closeness you’re after, you’re probably not going to get better than a specialist safety razor; but when you take into account the price and convenience – heck, even the branding – it’s hard to see why you’d ever go back to one of Harry’s supermarket shaving rivals.

Start your Harry’s trial today.


This post has been sponsored by Harry’s. However, all words and opinions are our own.