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How to Choose Your Wedding Suit with Slaters

While weddings are undoubtedly expensive beautiful – as somebody who has just gone through the whole process – take it from us; planning your wedding is very, very stressful. So to make things just that little be easier on the tailoring side of things, we enlisted the help of Slaters – one the UK’s leading names in suits and formal hire – to guide us through the whole process. With that in mind, here’s what we learned when choosing a wedding suit…

Decide Your Wedding Suit Budget

While most couples start on their guestlists and playlists straight after engagement, the first thought we had was what we’ll be wearing on the big day. Some of you may have a clear idea already of the sort of thing you want, but for many the style will depend on numerous factors. Venue, season, theme and, most annoyingly, price are all considerations, with the latter the one you probably need to decide early doors. Are you just getting a suit for yourself or your whole groomsmen party? What can you realistically afford? Once you’ve got a budget in mind, you can look at your options.

To Buy or To Rent?

Unless you’ve got the cash to head to Savile Row and get your ushers and best man tailored to the nines, chances are you’ll be looking at High Street options. And the good news is this doesn’t restrict you. Slaters have a range of styles – from Morning Suits and Highlandwear, to Tweed and Checked – available for purchase and for hire.

While we could give you the pros and cons of buying and hiring, chances are you’ll already know what you’d rather. All we’ll say is that weddings are expensive – it’s just a case of prioritising what’s important to you. Want a suit of your own that’s only to be worn by you alone? Then buy. Don’t feel guilty. Remember, it’s your wedding too. Just want something functional that’ll have you feeling like your best you? Then hire. Whether you choose to buy or to rent, Slaters will have you looking your best and that’s the main thing.


Book an Appointment

Now it’s time to book an appointment and try on some suits. We’d recommend you do this no later than 3 months before the wedding day, but really the earlier the better – anytime from 6 months away is a safe bet. Bear in mind it’s rarely a case of showing up and taking away a suit straight away. First you’ll choose your style, then you’ll head back again for a fitting before heading back in again when adjustments have been made.

The main bit of advice we’d give here before going in for the first time is A) search around on the Slaters Website and pick out a few styles you like, but B) don’t get too fixated on one style or specific suit.


Try on as Many Styles as Possible

Now, this is your chance to try some things on without fear of ridicule… Ok, maybe a little ridicule. But this is a safe space and you’re not planning on doing this again (we hope). Be open minded. Try something you wouldn’t ever usually consider. We went in to Slaters with something clearly in mind for the groom and for the ushers. Though we did end up with the suit for the groom, we did come out with a different style of suit for the ushers. This was purely through trial and error.

As a side note, while we would definitely recommend listening to everyone’s opinion, chances are not everyone is going to love the same things you do. But the good thing here is this is your wedding and you get the final say. We’d never suggest choosing something that will make your mates uncomfortable – weddings are long days and you’ve still got a stag do to get through – but be decisive.


Wedding Suit Style Guide

Now for the style of suit. The beauty of style is that everyone’s is different. But no matter what your brand is, Slaters almost certainly will have something for you unless you’re still majorly into the steampunk movement or something. Even then…

If you’re after a proper Morning Suit, it’s actually much easier to make decisions. All you really need to decide is colour, and then it’s down to the accessories. If tailcoats are bit too much but you want to keep things traditional, you really can’t go wrong with a Dinner Suit. But if like us you wanted something a little more modern, there’s plenty to consider. The first of which is fit and style.

We still wanted to keep things sophisticated, so we started by deciding that a three piece would be best. But we wanted something contemporary as the wedding itself wasn’t at a church and was far from traditional. This meant we were after Slim Fit Three Piece Suits. At Slaters, the ONESIX5IVE brand is perfect for this as they specialised in slim fitting, fashion forward suits.


Should the Groomsmen Wear the Same Suit as the Groom?

Put simply, there’s no right or wrong answer here. Some wedding parties like to match, others like the groom to really stand out. A lot will depend on whether your groomsmen A) like the same style as you and B) suit the same style as you. As mentioned earlier, originally we had planned on wearing the same suits with the groom in a different tie colour. But having tried everything on, two of the groomsmen suited something simpler.

For the groom, we went for this ONESIX5IVE Navy Microcheck Slim Fit Three Piece Suit. We wanted something different from the usual without being too garish. The microcheck adds some real modern intrigued while still maintaining a bit of class, while a slim fit suit is always a good idea with anyone of smaller height. For the groomsmen, we kept thing relatively simple in the suit with the ONESIX5IVE Blue Slim Fit Three Piece Suit.


Accessories for Wedding Suits

With a simpler suit, we thought it important to add some texture with accessories. As such, we opted for a woollen tie for both the groom and the groomsmen – just in different colours. Again, we could give you advice on pattern and colours when it comes to Ties, but really it’s all completely dependent on the suit.

For us, the blue and yellow colour ties were chosen purely as they were the themes for the wedding. And we wanted a plain block coloured tie as we didn’t want a patterned tie to contrast next to the groom’s microcheck suit. If you’re not going to be wearing a waistcoat with your suit, we’d always recommend using a Tie Clip. Quick Tip: Never let the bottom of your tie show below you waistcoat.

Pocket Squares are an essential addition to any wedding suit and this is where the whole party can match if they’re in different suits. We went for a plain white pocket square purely as it wouldn’t clash with anything. Whether you need a Belt or not is purely down to preference, but if you do make sure it matches your Shoes.


Overall Experience with Slaters

So there we have it! We’d like to sincerely thank Slaters for hooking us up with some superb suits for our wedding. The guys at Slaters Norwich were incredibly helpful and guided us through a process we really had no idea about. They gave us tips along the way and the suits themselves were well-fitted, stylish and didn’t break the bank either. So head over to the Slaters Website now to book an appointment!


If you’re looking for some advice when it comes to your waistcoat, here’s the Gareth Southgate-inspired guide to wearing a waistcoat.



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