How To Deal With Beard Dandruff: The Key To Eliminating It

Beards on men’s faces can be likened to colours on paintings, just like hues on masterpieces, beards define men’s countenances, this, in turn, causes bearded men to look assured, this is especially true when this facial accessory is “well cared for” note, I said, well cared for, which implies that lustrous beards need protection from antagonists, such as beard dandruff.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is an infection of the epidermis, which causes itching which can be exaggerated in severe cases, this itching leads to the dropping of dry dead skin cells. Dandruff occurs where the skin tolerates hair growth when it appears on the scalp, it is called Beard dandruff.

Causes of Beard Dandruff

The causes of dandruff include the following:

  • Dry skin: is known as xerosis, It is a state of excessive dryness of the skin, due to the excessive dryness the skin tends to become flaky.
  • Sensitivity skincare products: certain individuals react negatively to some skincare products due to the ingredients used to make such a product.
  • Oily skin: this happens as a result of the sebaceous gland under the skin releasing excess oil onto the surface.
  • Diseases: skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema
  • A yeastlike fungus (Malassezia) that feeds on oils on the scalps of most grown-ups
  • Not shampooing 
  • Hormonal secretion: research has shown that hormones play a part since men seem to be more susceptible.

Tips To Stop Beard Dandruff

  1. A healthy diet: eat food rich in antioxidants and omega-3s such as tomatoes, carrots, beans, and salmon.
  2. Use beard oil: it helps to moisturize and rehydrate your skin and beard hair. We recommend you to read the product label and choose beard oils with natural ingredients such as argan oil that will help you to maintain healthy skin and reduce inflammation.
  3. Use a suitable beard wash: washing your beard with the same products that you wash your scalp, it may not be the best idea. Look for a beard wash for sensitive skin or you might want to opt for a medicated shampoo, whatever your option is, washing the beard with warm water and once a day is recommended.
  4. Exfoliate your skin: exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells. Exfoliate your face skin once a week with a mild product to avoid skin inflammation and redness.
  5. Avoid hot baths: hot water irritates the skin, constant use is detrimental to the skins’ integrity. A switch to warm water will make a difference.
  6. Good skincare routine: washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your beard are part of a daily routine to keep your skin and beard hair healthy, stick to it, and choose products with natural ingredients.

How To Prevent Beard Dandruff

To prevent beard dandruff it is necessary to stick to your daily skincare regimen, which is very cost-effective, and all that is needed to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Skin cells have a lifespan of days, and this inadvertently leads to layers of dead skin cells and since this dead cells serve as raw materials for dandruff’s vitality, the first step in preventing beard dandruff is to remove this dead cells, this can be easily executed using a comb or brush.

The next step is to completely remove the remaining dead skin cells and also those that may be caught between hairs, this can be done by washing your beard hair daily.

Finally, the application of beard oil is able to relax your beard, and at the same time moisturize your skin, also it adds nutrients to the skin. 


Beard dandruff is a common problem among men that can be treated and prevented by following a proper care routine and being consistent on it. Consider seeing a dermatologist if the problem continues.

This is a guest post by Anthony Walker. Anthony is the founder and editor in chief at Beard Base. You will often find him rocking out a different beard style, and searching for new, improved tips and tricks for facial hair maintenance. Anthony also gives vent to his creativity by writing illuminating articles on the subject, striving to share his knowledge and reveal the simplest, yet the most effective ways for grooming your facial hair.