How to Wear Stripes This Summer

Stripes are very much a solid look this summer. But when it comes to the humble stripes, learning your lines is a crucial business. Do you vertical? Horizontal? And how many colours? Quite honestly it’s a minefield. But luckily your boys here at Average Joes are here to help. And by the end of reading you should a) have some inspiration and b) hopefully know where to draw the line on stripes. So without further ado, here’s our guide to wearing stripes this summer.

Nautical Niceties

The ocean’s waves have long been an inspiration for some of menswear’s longest lasting trends. From pea coats to the humble beanie hat, nautical garments have almost been an obsession for the industry with French labels especially nailing the look. But nothing says summer boating on the Riviera quite like a striped t-shirt/shirt. It’s a summer staple, and all you need for a successful look is to pair it with some Ray-Bans.


Mix and Match

Now it’s written in the Old Testament (probably) that you should never mix your stripes, and you definitely should never combine the vertical and the horizontal in the same outfit. But we say go bold or go home. It’s a tricky tightrope but mixing your stripes can really work if done properly. Alternating the width of your stripes is probably the simplest and best way to do this, especially with a tee/shirt combination or a shirt/sweater pairing. It can also have the added luxury of being the perfect work-to-play outfit when a blazer is thrown over the top.


The Multi-Tone Tactic

Now you’ve mastered the way of the stripes, it’s time to nail down the hues. Balancing a palette on one garment is no easy business and to be honest you’re going to have to trust your instinct. Just know, the multi-tone tactic is more than acceptable and you’ll even be respected for it. Our tip; don’t shy away and go for at least one vivid tone.


Polo Looks Mint

Probably the first garment you’ll look to for some summer stripe loving is the polo shirt. The most adaptable item in a summer wardrobe, the humble polo is versatile enough to be warn when you’re out for dinner as well as being casual enough for lazing at the pub while in some skinny jeans and white trainers. So how to make your polo stand out? We’d say go for a polo in stripes with vibrant colours.


Suit You, Sir

But if a polo won’t cut it at your office, give your suit the warm weather upgrade it needs. We all know about pin-striped suits and chances are you probably already own one. But summer brings along the opportunity to change things up with thicker stripes. Or you can go even bolder still with a lighter fabric – the likes of linen and cotton are lifesavers when the going gets hot. There are plenty of options out there, and depending on your role, we’d also say don’t rule out a patterned suit off hand.


Tie Your Stripes Down

But if changing your suit isn’t realistic, keep it simple and bag yourself a knitted striped tie. The knitted tie oozes sophistication and confidence, and is also ideal when you’re heading from the office to the bar. It’s also one of the more thrifty ways to give your outfit that summer-ready stripe look.


So now you know how to wear stripes this summer, here’s how to wear a waistcoat!