Hugo Boss Bottled Oud

Joes of today thankfully no longer have to live in the straightjacket of convention. Grooming is no longer frowned upon and we can all take pride in our appearance – we’re now allowed discerning tastes. If you’re one of these discerning Joes, you might be interested to hear Hugo Boss are releasing a Bottled Oud.

Oud is also sometimes referred to as agar or agarwood, thought to be the most expensive raw materials on the planet. Its potent resin originates deep in the heartwood of the evergreen Aquilaria tree.

It’s rich and dark fragrance lends itself perfectly to a perfumer’s arsenal. Agarwood oil is worth more than gold, but believe it or not it’s created when the Aquilaria tree is infected by a parasitic mould. The tree responds by producing a rich, dark, aromatic resin. This resin is distilled to become pure oud oil extract, then combined with the tree’s brown and white woods. The quality of the blend depends on the precise ratio between these three elements.

The Fragrance Boss Bottled Oud is an amber fougere, in which spicy, animalic and leather facets are fused with redolent oud woods. Decadent fruit notes of bergamot, apple and plum compliment an aromatic elixir of geranium, clove and cinnamon, fused with rare saffron and evocative labdanum resin.

Boss Bottled Oud is available nationwide in August at House of Fraser and Debenhams. A 50ml bottle will set you back £56.00, while the 100ml will cost £76.00.