Whilst still a relatively young company, Hype have assisted in the re-invention of streetwear in the last few years with a bold style and prints that are often timeless with appeal across the spectrum.

Hype x Simpsons Clothing

Their latest connection sees a collaboration with none other than the Simpsons, America’s favourite family for an off the course print heavy collection that will no doubt prove popular both sides of the Atlantic. The whole collection falls into two categories, one the bold images such as the family portrait or the retro Simpsons connected signage and the other (and our favourite) are the all over prints.

A combination of classic Simpson decals such as Duff Beer or the character / Hawaiian print work particularly well with existing patterns in the Hype stable such as the flower and space prints to give a near understated animation look.

Our favourite pieces have to be the blue sweat with the all over print of flowers, donuts and beer and the all over character print in a washed out look.

The whole collection will be exclusively sold in Topman (which perhaps ruins the exclusive part slightly!) over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out and let us know which piece you grab.




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