Introducing Ryokō: Leather Goods for the Modern Joe

Always on the lookout for the most interesting labels to hit the UK, take a look at one of the most stylish leather goods brands we’ve come across in recent years. Introducing Ryokō. Already established in Dubai, Ryokō’s range of bags, wallets and accessories are now being rolled out here in the UK.

It all started with a camera. As any avid photographer will testify, travelling with your camera can often be a challenge. Not do you have to carry around the camera itself, with lenses, batteries and other accessories, it can sometimes feel like more hassle than it’s worth. Which is why in 2015, Anirban and his wife Noon decided to design a premium leather bag for themselves. Ryokō was born.

Translating to ‘travel’ in Japanese, Ryokō’s range of leather goods have extended beyond camera accessories. They now offer hand-stitched wallets, briefcases, and all kinds of travel gear. The common ingredient to all their products is the unique full-grain leather which is mostly sourced from Japan (though some does come from Italy and India).


Contemporary in look and feel, Ryokō promises to use only the finest quality Vegetable-Tanned and Oil-Pull Up ‘full grain’ leather on their products. This makes the hide very durable while still maintaining its natural features. They also use a slower tanning process to give their leather an attractive patina.


Travel feeds into all of Ryokō’s designs – it’s in the name! So as well as being durable and stylish, every product pacts heaps of functionality with the brand offering everything you’d possibly need for a daily commute or a weekend away, from toiletry bags and camera straps, to laptop briefcases and tech folios.

Head over to the Ryokō Website now, where prices for their leather goods start at £65.


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