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Jaeger: Men’s Coats

Now here in the UK we had been pretty lucky with Winter, but after one of the warmest Christmas’s on record, we are now in one of the coldest snaps I can remember. With temperatures down to minus 8 last night and it looks as though things are set to continue.

Well not to worry, as we have teamed up with Jaeger Menswear to bring you some of the latest fashion styles and your guide to each. Not only that, we have noticed they have a huge sale on still! So get in quick if you like any of them…!

Pea Coat

An all time classic and still one of my personal favourites, a must for anyone working in the city and a regular wearer of suits. It seems to work well with nearly all body shapes, especially a slimmer man. I find that the extra weight and natural, hard lines give the wearer added padding and automatically looks ‘bigger’ where it counts, across the shoulder, chest and of course the arms.

For me, I have always preferred a shorter length, with a tighter fit, especially around the waist. But that will mainly come down to personal preference. Don’t just think black either, A good navy will mix up your wardrobe well.


Quilted Jacket

Now, for me, a little past it’s sell by date, BUT it is still a great spring jacket and for those days when it is not quite cold enough for your full weapon of choice!

My advice would be to choose one that has an added element of style, unusual colour or just that little something quirky. This Jaeger is the perfect example with its single breast pocket and textured hem.


Trench Coat

Very similar to the mac, but just that little bit longer and heavier. Although connected and associated with flashers and perverts around the land, fear not! The long trench is a classic on trend style this winter.

Stay away from black and general dark colours, these longer style of jacket tend to work best with a natural / light tone that will offset a normal dark winter wardrobe. Make sure the design comes with a styled in belt and even if you aren’t the biggest fan, give it a whirl. It helps give the coat it’s shape and assuming you are even half slim, will give your body a great athletic shape.



The mac is fasting becoming THE coat of this winter, and without a doubt my favourite style. The subtle elegance of concealed buttons makes this design from Jaeger stand out from the rest, giving it a really clean look, and the streamlined shape will make sure it looks good on you.

Again, for a winter jacket I would opt for lighter shades, don’t worry about it getting dirty, with its showerproof fabric it will always be easy to clean. This jacket is also a little shorter than many of the others you see out and about which will make sure you stand out from the crowd.


Duffle Coat

The duffle has literally come full circle. Originally designed to be used by the British Navy (the toggles easy to fasten with large gloves on), I remember having one of these when I was 9 and hating it more than Barbie. However fast forward *cough* 15 years and you can’t help admire anyone who dons one today.

Today’s style dictates that all the jackets tend to be wool based, thick fabric with obvious toggles. Look for subtle styling & lines, and even a layered effect to add shape and the stand out factor.


That’s our rundown, and you can catch them all at at the Jaegers Mens Coats site. Which is your favourite?



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