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James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette

Now, we have all seen Skyfall, and if you haven’t, what are you playing at? No seriously, go and watch it! As well as one of the best recent Bonds, Skyfall will also be known for something a little different, and that is, product placement. I remember sitting in the cinema, and getting barraged by Bond adverts before the film. It nearly made me not want to watch it. Thankfully, all was well, and nothing was as bad as it seemed. One product that did catch our eye though was the new James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette.


The fragrance itself reminded me a bit of days gone by, a stronger, more classic, manly smell. Years away from the current crop of, in some cases, near unisex smells. Imagine Old Spice, but slightly more refined. And in a way, that is the perfect way to encompass 007. Actors have changed through the decades, but there has always been a little bit of something old school about him, sophisticated, but ready to go at a moments notice.

Want the professionals opinion? ‘The 007 signature fragrance is as smooth as the man himself, blending refreshing, crunchy English apple with fresh bergamot in the top notes, elegant lavender with rose thorn at the heart, and Haitian quality vetiver with full-bodied sandalwood in dry down.’

Now I will be completely honest, this isn’t a licence to kill, not even a licence to thrill, but it is a pretty good smell for a pretty good price, and not only that, it comes in a rather cool bottle with a twist lid. We also have one to give away, yeah that’s right, own your own slice of bond. We have 1 75ml bottle of James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette to give away.


Don’t win? Don’t worry. You can grab one now from over at



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