Last updated on June 30th, 2017 at 12:40 pm

Jimmy Choo Camo Print Desert Boot

Camo is everywhere, and in a strange role reversal to it’s origin, it is there to be seen by all. If it isn’t on Balotelli’s car, it is wrapped in pretty much any piece of fashion you can imagine. Next up, is the turn of the Jimmy Choo Camo Print Desert Boot.

Yes for the Mens Spring / Summer 2013 Collection, Jimmy Choo has gone camo on us, if with a quirky difference. If you look closely the camo, made up of beige, brown, green and light brown features silhouettes of people, indeed women from what we can tell. It’s a rather cool way so have that sexiness create the camouflage effect.

We do rather like the new Jimmy Choo Camo Print Desert Boot, what do you think?




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