In recent years British Male fashion has been on somewhat of a comeback. Don’t get us wrong, we love the influx of Scandinavian fashion brands and the clean lines and functional wears they have left in our wardrobe. But we like our fashion, well, decidedly British, and for that we welcome new men’s fashion brand Judge & Jury Clothing with open arms.

Judge & Jury Clothing


Judge & Jury will launch their first collection for Spring / Summer 2013, and boast a number of classic pieces which have an edge of attitude and streetwear about them. You will find a complete range in the Judge & Jury Fashion Collection, with denim, chinos, graphic tees, casual tees, shorts and a few lighter jumpers / jackets.

As you know, it’s all in the detail and we love the bold designs with a little hint of tailoring to break up the colour on the shoulder, or small pocket to the chest on some of the examples. The names match the design and you will find a few slightly different including: the ‘Bristol’ (striped tee), the ‘Skullthuggery’ (graphic tee) and the ‘Buster‘ (striped jumper).

The Spring / Summer 2013 collection will be their very first, and in all honesty quite limited in terms of availability, but that just makes us want some even more. Judge & Jury fashion are keeping it incremental, with limited roll-out in select Northern Boutiques to start, then a larger, more wide-spread campaign next year.

Keep an eye out for them and check out their website, and us, as we will be reviewing some of their garms early next year!




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