When it comes to luggage, for us style is just as important as practicality. Which is why this Kava has caught our attention. With the aim of combining everything a Joe would use in his everyday life, the Kava Duffel Bag covers all of the bases.

Kava Duffel Bag

Designed for both travellers and commuters, the Kava can be held/worn in several different ways depending if you’re an over-the-shoulder or backpack type of Joe. It comes with a headphone jack opening, a tripod holder, a bottle holder, a laptop holder and all the pockets you could dream of for essentials like your mobile phone.

With phones taking over even the most menial of daily tasks, Kava have made their bag extremely accommodating to phones of all shapes and sizes by giving it two elastic pockets on the straps that can also store wallets or passports. The elastic means your valuables are easily accessible but still means you won’t ever have to worry about losing them.

They’ve also placed a headphone port in a convenient location to make listening to music a doddle when you’re using it as a backpack. Your music player will rest in the inside pocket of the bag.

If trekking or photography are your things then the Kava has got your sorted with a side elastic pocket and two straps that will fit in small tripod or monopod, as well as a decent sized water bottle. You won’t even have to worry about which way you carry/wear the bag – the straps hold it in place securely.

Inside the Kava, there’s naturally a plethora of flaps and pockets to separate your gear but, most importantly, there’s a secure and snug place to put your laptop. Kava say it should fit pretty much any sized laptop you’ve got to throw at it.

We really like the look of the Kava duffel bag – it’s stylish and incredible functional. The only thing we’d want is something waterproof. It’s billed as ‘splashproof’ but we always get a little on edge with brands band made-up words around!

It’s being sold on Kickstarter, as is everything else these days, and is on sale for a discounted price of around £30 ($49). Unbelievably good value if you ask us. We just hope they haven’t compromised on the quality!




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