Drawing inspiration from a mash-up of Hip-Hop & Punk along with the New York undergrown scene, gritty US streetwear brand Kaviar & Cigarettes are bringing some strong pieces to market with an increasingly popular unique selling point; Exclusivity.

Kaviar & Cigarettes AW13

Each design in their collection is limited to 20 pieces per size which means that the piece you’re rocking will be from a limited edition of 80 worldwide. Alongside this, each piece is designed in-house incorporating strong graphic and artistic elements making the collection pretty art driven. The unique tees, crew necks, shirts and hoodies are even more special as they are each made entirely by hand using a cut and sew method in NYC.

Style-wise, the vibe is fresh and there is a recognisable creepy looking punky graffiti doodle running through a number of the pieces, but we’re not sure how Jean-Michel Basquiat or her Majesty the Queen will feel about having their faces tainted. We think it will fit in just fine in the UK, since it is inspired by a metropolis not dissimilar to our own London City.

Whichever way you look at it, we like what we see.




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