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Keplero Luxury Wallet

Introducing the thinnest and lightest ever magnetic pure carbon fibre luxury wallet courtesy of Keplero. Unique in its handling, the Keplero Luxury wallet is simple, intuitive and despite what you might think when you envisage carbon, it’s also elegant.

The Keplero is incredibly easy to use. It has no mechanical components and relies solely on its magnetic mechanism to keep your cards in place. As such it’s very practical and can even be used with one hand.

The ergonomics don’t stop there, though. As the Keplero has a modular design, Joes can decide for themselves how many cards you want your wallet to hold. Like something thin in your pocket? Just get the 2 card version. Like your library and Blockbuster video cards with you? Get as many as 8 card holders!

But the Keplero doesn’t just cater for your plastic, there’s also a very handy money clip on the back of the wallet, so no more losing cash out of your pocket Be rest assure, the Keplero wallet is also safe as houses for your cards thanks to its RFID-blocking system.

Each part of Keplero is precision milled from a single block of carbon fibre. While carbon fibre won’t be everyone’s idea of luxury, the design of the Keplero has grown on us the more we see it. It also has the added advantage of being light and durable. In theory, carbon fibre will last you forever!

Each Keplero comes with the offer of custom engraving on the wallet’s plates. These plates comes in either Gold or Aluminium and there’s even an 18k Gold edition if you really want to be a Flash Harry.

The Keplero Luxury Wallet is being sold on Indiegogo having already reached initial crowd-funded target. Prices start at around £45 ($69) for a standard 4 card-holding Keplero and rise to around £105 ($159) for the 8 card-holder which also comes with all the bells and whistles included. So get over to the Keplero Indiegogo Page!




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