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Kingsman x Bremont

We loved Kingsman: The Secret Service for many reasons but one of the biggest was the immaculate tailoring and outfitting the film put on show. In possibly the classiest film and brand tie up of recent years, British label Bremont has launched a line of watches inspired by Matthew Vaughn’s spy thriller.

The watches are based on Bremont’s existing ATL1-WT world timer with each watch bearing the Kingsman insignia on the six o’clock chronograph hours sub-dial, and the word Kingsman on the 12 o’clock chronograph minutes sub-dial.

The collection offers up three colour options, including rose gold with a brown croc-effect strap, an all-black iteration with red accents and a silver stainless steel model complete with smooth black strap.

All agents in the film wear one of the Bremont Kingsman Limited Edition watches, corresponding to the agents’ status – rose gold for full agents, DLC for trainees, and steel for Mark Strong’s character Merlin, who trains new agents. Bremont co-founder Nick English also makes has a cameo in the film as a Kingsman agent.

The watches all retain the chronograph, world time and UTC functionality. Unfortunately, unlike in the film, the watches don’t have the tranquiliser darts function.

Being Bremont, the Kingsman x Bremont collection isn’t cheap and is priced at £4,295 for the stainless steel version, £4,395 for the black model and £14,250 for the rose gold design. But they do look impeccable.



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