3D has undoubtedly changed the world of design. But it’s probably fair to share it hasn’t quite found its niche just yet. But one company who think they may have found a perfect use for the tech is London-based eyewear brand, Kite, who are set to launch a service that scans customers’ faces before printing perfectly fitting frames.

Kite Will Offer 3D Eyewear Printed Specifically for Individual Wearers

Developed alongside design agency Layer, KiteONE is a range of modular, 3D-printed glasses which can be created to fit the specific sizes and proportions of any face, ensuring a perfect fit. The idea is fairly simple; customers head into a Kite store to get their head and face scanned via a handheld scanner before getting the dimensions send off for printing.

This 3D scan records loads of various measurements, including distance between pupils, head and nose width, and ear positioning, which means each pair of glasses will be available with a variety of custom specifications and details. One a customer is scanned, customers then use the KiteONE app to fit a new pair of glasses live on screen.


As ever with Kite, it’s all about the customisation. Rather than offer a single style, standard glasses at Kite can be customised with whatever lens or colour you want, and arms can be switched up too. While the 3D process does complicate things, there are still four different style to choose from with KiteONE – each available in Charcoal, Moss Green and Brick Red – as well as bespoke messaging and hinge options.


From scan to delivery, the whole process takes roughly three weeks, with the frame itself made from a 3D-printed nylon material. The integrated nose pads are made from breathable silicone rubber with a matt finish, which Kite say will minimise the contact point and avoid any heat or sweat build up.

The KiteONE 3D eyewear was showcased earlier this year at the London Design Festival and is set to be rolled out in Kite stores (including Shoreditch) in Spring 2019. Find out more over at the Kite Website.




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