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KITE Eyewear

A good pair of glasses or sunnies is obviously a big part of any Joe’s look. But while Ray Bans and the like are naturally staples we should all have, there’s often a lack of individuality and personality when it comes to a pair of frames. Which is why we’re in love with Kite and their special take on the humble lens.

With Kite Eyewear it’s all about the details. Rather than offer a style in a single form, each unisex pair of Kite glasses can be customised with whatever lens or colour you want, whether it’s sunglasses or just specs. Not only that, their ‘Pick & Remix’ ethos means you can even take the frame from one pair and match it with the arms from another to create something truly unique, just for you. In theory, the combinations are endless.

We headed to their store in Westfield Stratford City to take a closer look and loved the experience. The place is more like a coffee shop than an opticians with modern, minimalist decor and tablets taking you through the process. The staff were superb and spent a good while with us picking and remixing before we came away with what we’re told is a genuine ‘one-of-a-kind’. Not many opticians can offer that!

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Kite began is 2014 when Asad Hamir hooked up with brothers Amar and Adarsh Radia, and has quickly become a game-changer in the glasses industry offering superior craftsmanship, affordability and style. Designed in East London and made in Italy, each pair of Kite glasses requires over 30 total steps of production, including 8-days tumbling (polishing).

But what also makes Kite glasses special are the lenses. Kite uses Zeiss lenses, a company who have been around since 1846 working in various fields such as space exploration, microscopy and cinematography. Zeiss lenses have captured everything from the first man landing on the moon to some of Kubrick’s most iconic films. So the pedigree couldn’t be higher.

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But despite all this high-end quality, one of the most impressive things about Kite is their pricing. While most opticians start with a basic lens or frame price with charges going up for ‘extras’ like style, anti-glare, protective coatings and even prescription, Kite keep it simple. Zeiss Single vision prescription lenses and an artisan frame is £150. No matter what.

If you like the sound of Kite as much as you should, head to their Westfield store for the full experience (First Floor, next to Office). If you can’t get to East London, however, fear not as you can get all the benefits over at the Kite Website. £150. No matter what.

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