Kite Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses can be a very hard thing to find, and whilst Ray-Bans should be a stalwart of any wardrobe, they often lack individuality. This is where small independents come into their own. Completely unique, unlikely to be seen on anyone else, and the perfect foil for many an outfit. Welcome to the fold, Kite.

With just a single shop in the whole wide world, you may think they are too impossible to come by. But thankfully that shop is here in London’s Westfield Stratford, so you are sure to be as individual as you wish. Not around the South, don’t worry, an online store does serve everyone if you can’t make it down to the remains of London 2012.

There a currently 27 different frame designs to choose from, all uni-sex and with a minimum of 5 different colour options per frame (not to mention lens tints), which gives you over 300 different options to choose from. Every single pair is designed in London by the in-house design team before they are hand built in Italy. So no matter what your facial shape or personal taste, we have no doubt there will be something for you. They are all finished with ZEISS lenses as well, and you don’t get much better than that.


We actually decided to head down to Westfield and check out their store (well any excuse to do a bit of shopping!). It’s more like a modern bar / coffee shop than an opticians. Fresh and modern decor with intuitive tablets and super friendly staff (all excellent!) everywhere. It was it’s size and simplicity that really stood out, and made us feel right at home.


With Sunglasses from £125 and full opticals from £150, make sure Kite GB is on your list for your next pair of sunglasses or reading glasses. They are firmly in our sight.

Availability: Now
Price: From £125
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