With the watch market as saturated as it is, it can often be hard to stand out from the crowd when it comes to timepieces. But there are some brands out there who are doing so through sheer innovation. One such brand is Loyto Watches, who with their L1 watch want to change the way we tell the time.

Loyto Watches Wants to Change the Way We Tell Time

The L1 Watch design is Loyto Watches’ modern take on the traditional analogue watch. Inspired by simple ‘observation’, Loyto respects the analogue spirit while also challenging the way we read our timepieces. The result is the sleek, modern and functional L1 watch.

As Loyto Watches admit, they’re not interested ‘in sterile, boring designs’. Which is why they got rid of anything unnecessary, stripping back the watch face of any features and focusing purely on the functional aesthetics of the watch.


So how do you read the L1? Well, like most new concepts, the idea can seem alien at first before making perfect sense in no time at all. The watch features two arcs. The outer arc tells the hour through numbers, accents, and a colour dial which slowly fills up the arc. The inner arc is where you read the minutes.


The movement on the L1 is powered by Swiss Part Round 505.25H, while the 40mm 316 stainless steel casing has been sand blasted for a smooth finish. The watch is finished off with a leather strap and its 5ATM water resistant which means it can withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 metres.

The Layto Watches L1 Watch is available now over at the Layto Website where you can get it in Black or White for around £180 (€205.79).


Another watchmaker trying to change the game is Optik Instruments. Swiss accuracy meets progressive design with their Horizon, a watch which shows time through a two-tone dial disc which rotates once every 24 hours.



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