If you’re yet to be convinced by the contactless payment revolutions that’s sweeping 21st century living then we think you will be by the most fashionable way to pay for your not-too-expensive goods yet. Say hello to the Lyle & Scott Contactless Jacket!

Lyle & Scott Contactless Jacket

The stylish Contactless Jacket features the same contactless payment chip found in debit/credit cards. Rather than being shoved in some plastic, it’s been discretely hidden in the cuff of the right sleeve.

This means wearers of the Lyle & Scott jacket will be able to pay for anything they like up to £30 across 300,000 shops, bars, restaurants and stations around the UK. The bPay chip is only valid for a two years period, after which you’d have to get it replaced. Or alternatively just get a new jacket!

Lyle & Scott Contactless Payment Jacket 3
While the tech is obviously awesome, we actually love the jacket itself. The double face contrast fabric coat comes with a cuff tab and button – this is where you put the contactless chip. There’s side pockets, a branded zip, a drawstring cord on the hood and a leather patch Lyle & Scott logo on the sleeve.

While it might seem a tad gimmicky, there’s obviously a market for the technology. According to stats from the UK Cards Association the number of contactless payments in the UK rose by 331% in 2014, with more than £2 billion being spent using the technology.

Available in Admiral Blue or True Black, you can get hold of the Lyle & Scott Contactless Jacket from the Lyle & Scott Website as well as their Carnaby Street store in London where it’ll set you back a fairly reasonable £150. We’re not sure the idea will be rolled out across every jacket in the country but you’d be hard pressed to say it’s not incredibly cool!

Lyle & Scott Contactless Payment Jacket 2



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