In a world that’s louder than ever before, Lynx believes quiet confidence is the best way to get noticed. With this in mind, Lynx believe they’ve designed the products to do just that with it’s new Lynx Black range. A minimalist approach.

Lynx Black Collection

Embracing the individual style of your Average Joe, Lynx has created a bespoke, and sophisticated grooming range to help guys look, smell and exude understated confidence. The collection is comprised of a Body Spray, an antiperspirant, a Shampoo and Hair Clay which features a masculine scent to help Joes’ unique style shine through and get them noticed in an understated way.

To celebrate the Launch of the new Lynx Black Collection we headed to dinner at Dans Le Noir, a novel restaurant which serves you dinner in pitch black darkness. In the oppressive blackness, you have to feel around in the dark for your food and drink, served by experienced blind waiting staff that make the very notion of being unable to even see the food in front of you seem manageable and far less daunting. An interesting experience in itself, it helped to complement the concept of Lynx’s progression – an understated and grown-up experience… rather than jumping around the place to get into space!

Designed with subtle and refined all black packaging, the Lynx Black Collection utilises a scent that opens with fresh notes of Watermelon Ester, bergamot and frozen pear (apparently) – evoking a sleek, sophisticated aroma. Combined with fresh fruits and a blend of moss, cedar wood and patchouli, Lynx say the complex, yet subtle fragrance lingers on the skin to provide a modern, masculine scent whilst retaining an energetic and youthful spirit.


Perfect for those summer months where you need to disappear in the background and avoid the heat, the Lynx Black collection is available now for those who are wanting a more refined fragrance and stripped back look. Prices in the collection range from around £2.50 for the 250ml Shower Gel up to around £4.30 for Lynx Black Casual Clay Tin. That seems more than reasonable to us!




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