The blackest material known to man, and the closest thing most Joes will get to staring into a black hole, Vantablack, has been applied to a consumer product for the very first time, a Lynx Black can!

Lynx Vantablack

Taking 400 hours to produce over a four-month period, the can is so dark that it removes all texture from its surface. The material applied to the product looks more like an abyss than a physical product and you can go see the can at the Lynx Black Space in East London!

Lynx commissioned the ground-breaking project with Vantablack developers, Surrey Nanosystems, to create the world’s blackest consumer product by coating the iconic Lynx can with Vantablack material, creating a truly unique experience for those viewing it.

Creating an odd sensation, people say they find hard to comprehend what they are looking at when gazing into the Lynx Vantablack can. It’s so unique to look at that it’s impossible to work out the edges of the can.

It’s made of carbon nanotubes that are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. When compared with a standard black chalk board that absorbs 93% of light, the coating on the Lynx Vantablack can is so black that it absorbs a staggering 99.965% of the visible light spectrum! It also conducts heat seven and a half times more effectively than copper and has 10 times the tensile strength of steel.

Ben Jensen, Chief Technology Officer at Surrey Nanoystems, said: “This is a ground-breaking moment for Vantablack as it’s the first time we’ve created a product for consumer viewing, by coating a Lynx can with the blackest material known to man. We’re thrilled to be able to give people the chance to experience the can and it’s unique “black hole” like qualities.”

It looks incredible even in pictures but the Lynx Vantablack can is now on display for people to experience at the Lynx Black Space, on Dray Walk in Shoreditch. Located by the Old Truman’s Brewery, it’s a 10 minute walk from Liverpool Street Station and the Black Space is open until 2nd August.




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