OK. It’s time to get real. There is a bit of a bite in the air, and that means one thing: You need layers. (Either that or you enjoy man-flu, and no-one enjoys that…). As such I thought it only right to throw a few mens cable knit options around in case you’re feeling chilly.

Mens Cable Knit Sweaters


Now the fuel behind this piece and what brings it to life is that I had a pleasant surprise this week during my weekly saunter around Tesco’s; I found something I liked. Tesco would usually be where I would seek my fruit & veg, not my fashion, but going forward that might not be the case. I found a great cable knit jumper to kick start my winter wardrobe this year.

I even like how the website approaches matters:
This F&F chunky knit jumper features a ribbed crew neck and cable knit design. A versatile piece from the F&F knitwear range, this jumper can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Wear with a gilet for day or brogues and skinny jeans for a smarter finish.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


F&F ‘Chunky Cable Knit’ Crew Neck Jumper £18 from Tesco Clothing.

Another option for that warm knitted look includes this ASOS offering with grey flecks amongst a burgundy colour scheme for something a little bit different, with a traditional crew neck.


ASOS ‘Cable Knit’ Jumper £30 from ASOS.

I really like the chunky oversize look of this red jumper from Zara. The detailing is just on the front so if you’ve never worn cable knit before, it could be a decent entry level model. The case is an acrylic & wool mix so wont itch too much so perfect for first timers.


Zara ‘Cable Knit Fronted’ Sweater £39.99 from Zara.

The design of this jumper from Reiss is a little more unorthodox as the cabling only goes part way down the jumper. The wool content is higher so it should be warmer, and the acrylic is there to stop the garment bobbling.


Reiss ‘Burner’ Half Cable Knit Jumper £95 from Reiss.

Check the Acne site out whether you want a knitted jumper or not. The vibe is very fashion forward and the Swedish brand have a keen eye for style and an attention to detail. I love the looseness of this one. It lacks formality and rigidity, so great for those slouchier moments sitting next to the open fire.


Acne ‘Brown Wine’ Heavy Knit £240 from Acne Studios.

There we have it, our quick overview into Mens Cable Knit Sweaters. Try n keep warm by staying cool! DS

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