Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

MQT Camo Poncho

The Poncho has become a mainstay of any outdoorsmen / festival goer over the last few years. For some it is a simple £5 bin bag type object from the local supermarket, but for the more thoughtful men amongst us it has become a rainy season fashion essential. And this one has been given a drastic rework for festival season by the inventive folk at MQT Denim.

MQT have combined quality camo denim, and coated the whole shebang in a resilient water repellent coating enabling
the poncho to be worn in even the most British of festival conditions outdoors. Unique in its approach to weatherproof fashion, the poncho offers the wearer an unique urban streetwear alternative to a boring old fashioned coat. We aren’t a huge fan of the large logo on the reverse, but maybe it will wash off in the rain?!

The season may nearly be over, but with Bestival coming up this weekend and a few more Autumn food festivals popping up. It could be an essential late season purchase.



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