You’ll find very few buzzwords used to describe products these more than ‘sustainability’. With society becoming ever more conscious of its environmental responsibility, take a look at the Myro refillable deodorant system, which uses 50 per cent less plastic than a regular disposable deodorant.

Myro Are Looking to Change Grooming with a Refillable Deodorant

Designed by New York studio Visibility, the system for newly-launched plant-based deodorant brand Myro uses a permanent moulded deodorant case which fits in refill pods. Each of the replacement deodorant pods are entirely recyclable and twist into the case by turning a simple dial.

The concept is incredible simple. And like all the best products, so is the design. The plastic case comes in five optional colours and is durable enough to be used in the dishwasher. Its tactile multifaceted shape is designed to provide a decent grip in the hand and also prevents the deodorant from rolling away when it’s knocked over.


Similar to a lip balm, each turn of the dial dispenses more of the roll-on deodorant, which in itself is made from natural ingredients and completely aluminium free. There are five different scents and when it’s empty, the refillable case pops out automatically.

The beauty industry is famed for its poor plastic waste history and the makers of Myro hope that their refillable deodorant can offer a huge step in the right direction. Not only that, the formula also does away with the harmful chemicals often found in deodorant sprays and rolls.


Made for both Joes and Janes, Myro isn’t currently available in shops. Instead, the brand are offering a subscription service, similar to the likes of Harry’s shaving. You simply choose your case colour, pick a scent, then choose your subscription.

Head over to the Myro Website now, where a scent and free case will set you back around £7.50 ($10).


Another product pushing the boundaries of sustainability is the FORREST bag, the world’s first luxury bag range made from leaves, wood and stone!



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