It’s estimated that around 330 million pairs of shoes are sold in the US alone each year. But with most of these ending up in landfills and decomposition taking 50 years on average, it’s time the industry changed its manufacturing processes. And following in the footsteps of Everlane, Canadian footwear brand Native Shoes has released a unisex pair of trainers made entirely from vegan-friendly materials including eucalyptus, pineapple husk and dried hevea milk.

Native Shoes Unveil Trainers Made from Pineapple and Eucalyptus

Named The Plant Shoe, Natives Shoes’ latest offering is aimed at customers who want high quality footwear that produces zero-waste. The Plant Shoe has been designed to comprise of purely plant-derived components, which means the trainer is not only free from animal products, it’s also compostable and fully biodegradable.

The upper of the new shoe comprises of a leather-like material made from a blend of pineapple husk and organic cotton. It includes no polyurethane coating, which Native Shoes say is an industry first. The outsole is made from natural latex lactae hevea, a substance produced from the rubber tree.


The midsole is made from a combination of 90% cork and 10% sisal, a Mexican agave plant cultivated for fibre production, while the insole is formed from felted corn and kenaf, a fibrous plant found in east-central Africa. Meanwhile eucalyptus is used to make the shoe’s lasting board and organic linen is used for the sock-liner.


Each of these materials are bound together using olive-oil-soaked jute thread and a natural latex-based glue, while things are finished off with 100% organic cotton laces. All this means once the trainers have reached the end of their life, they can simply be put in standard green bins to decompose.

The Plant Shoe by Native Shoes is now on sale over at the Native Shoes Website where a pair will set you back £205.


Last month, adidas announced the Futurecraft Loop, its first ever performance running shoe to be made entirely from one single material, making them fully recyclable when discarded.



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