Whilst not a date that sticks in the mind. 26.03.2015 means something to an awful lot of people. And as such the good people over at the giant that is Nike have named today Air Max Day. Originally launched in 1987, today marks the 28th anniversary of a trainer that perhaps changed trainers forever. The original AM, the Nike Air Max 1. To mark the day Nike have of course decided to cash in on such an event, after all 28 years is an important anniversary in anyone’s life, isn’t it?

Nike Air Max Zero to Celebrate Air Max Day

Today is the first day in which you can pick up a pair of Nike Air Max Zero, the shoe before the shoe. The design is based on early 80’s sketches of a prototype Air Max by designer Tinker Hatfield, and has been described as ‘The one before the 1′. Whilst many of us will fail to see the loose link and anything special in a 28 year mark, there is no doubting that the new Nike Air Max Zero is a thing of beauty.


Nike have pulled out all the stops to push and promote a product which probably doesn’t need promoting. The likes of Andrea Pirlo, Serena Williams, Danny Care, Neymar Jr., Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Sergio Ramos (the list goes on) have already been out on the media bandwagon. As such unless you already have a pair on pre-order or you are reading this whilst standing in-line at one of the many Nike stores around the world you will probably never own them. Well unless you head to eBay of course. But please try your luck at Nike.com/sportswear.


The original, only available in two colours and now about a thousand. The Nike Air Max 1. original-nike-air-max-one

One of the original sketches for the Nike Air Max to which the Nike Air Max Zero is based upon. original-nike-air-max-sketch



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