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Nike Flyknit Lunar2

Nike’s Flyknit Lunar2 builds on the previous shoe’s near perfection, with evolution rather than revolution, to take us one step closer to that perfect hybrid running shoe you’d happily step on out in. The original Flyknit Lunar trainers were like really, really, ridiculously good looking and packed full of tech that made them even better running, even racing shoes. They were, arguably, our favourites.


Since then, that Flyknit revolution seems to have gained momentum, taking over almost every kind of Nike model, but this represents the next step up from its fancy functional origins.

The Flyknit Lunar2 joins the illustrious line-up of the Flyknit Lunar, Flyknit Air Max, Flyknit Racer, Flyknit Chukka, Flyknit Free and basketball Kobe 9 Elites. They quickly became iconic shoes on the street, not just for their function, but for their appearance. The classic Flyknit upper is instantly recognisable, even without the characteristic Nike Swoosh, with its woven, textured fabric shades and vibrant colours. The new Flyknit Lunar2’s, however take a step away from this towards bold, block colours.

Nike Flyknit Lunar2 Profile

Splitting the upper of the shoe in two, the front and back can be a number of different colour combinations, and separating these, the Nike Swoosh has been compacted and seems to wrap just below the ankle, rather than half. Its a stark departure from woven elegance into aggressive design.  We’ve already designed a pair with Nike iD, the beauty of which is that you have the pleasure of trying out as many colour combinations and looks as you like, not that there are immediately many available, the plainer colourings easily the more popular. We aren’t too sure we like this departure of original style to be honest, but then, perhaps the Flyknit Lunar2 is more about hitting the streets running than looking good.

Flyknit Lunar2 Outsole

The ultralight Nike Flyknit upper returns to deliver an incredibly comfortable and adaptable tight, supportive fit. The Lunar 1’s could be further moulded to your feet by steaming, and whether this slightly gimmicky feature is a part of the Lunar2’s remains to be seen. In addition to the excellent upper that the Flyknit provides, Nike have combined it with the super supportive and foamy Lunarlon cushioning. We really like the Lunarlon, having loved it in the Lunarglide Shield 5+, and the forefront pressure map on the outsole should ensure a comfortable and really responsive feel, but we haven’t had the chance to try these (yet).

Kobe 9 Elite Jump

To be perfectly honest, these look interesting, maybe not quite as cool as their predecessors, but they most definitely will make up for that loss in looks with gains in functionality. It seems to be the exact angle being shown by Nike in their latest promotional video, shown below. We haven’t really looked at the Kobe 9 Flyknits… but damn! If only this writer was taller…

The Nike Flyknit Lunar2s hit stores on the 6 February, and those Kobe 9 Elites on the 8th. Play with an iD session and pre-order if you so wish, or just grab a pair of the shelf when the time comes. When we get the chance to place them on then we’ll be back with an indepth review.



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