Nike has just dropped a potential game-changer. Though the Tennis Classic silhouette itself is nothing revolutionary, the material is made from could well be. Made from Nike’s new ‘Flyleather’, the trainer is 40% lighter and 5x stronger than traditional leather. Not only that, it’s far more environmentally friendly too.

Nike's Flyleather Tennis Classic Could Be a Game-Changer

The Nike Flyleather Tennis Classic is a simple sneaker in many ways, but the technology behind it is anything but. During typical leather manufacturing process, up to 30% of a cow’s hide is discarded and often ends up in a landfill. To reduce this waste, Nike is gathering the discarded leather and turning them into fibres.

Those recycled leather fibres are then combined with synthetic fibres and a fabric infrastructure via a hydro process with a force that’s so strong it fuses everything into one material. Sustainable and premium, durable but light, Nike Flyleather is a new super material which is made with at least 50% recycled natural leather fibre.


The look is exactly like picture premium leather, and it even touches like premium leather too. Creating it uses 90% less water and has an 80% lower carbon footprint than traditional leather manufacturing.

The very first product to feature Nike Flyleather is the Nike Flyleather Tennis Classic, a distinctive, all-white version of the premium court shoe. The Nike Flyleather Tennis Classic is available now over at the Nike Website with versions of the Air Force 1, Air Max 90, Cortez, and Jordan 1 also getting the Flyleather treatment in the coming weeks.




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