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Nike Mag 2015

In case you avoided all social media and didn’t know, yesterday was Back to the Future Day. And it seems it wasn’t just us who got carried away with the festivities. While Marty McFly’s famous Nike treads from the film have been released before, none of us dared to dream that the Nike Mag could feature the iconic power laces from the film… Well, guess what? Nike have only gone and done it!

It was almost 30 years ago that Nike was approached to collaborate on Back to the Future where they were asked to invent a shoe that would encapsulate the futuristic world of 2015… or what they thought it could look like anyway – alas, still no hoverboards!

The result was the undeniably futuristic looking Nike Mag. It’s not the most subtle of trainers but the film made it an icon. However, it’s always been missing one thing: self-lacing laces. But to celebrate Back to the Future Day the 2015 Nike Mag features power laces!

Nike’s ‘power laces’ fuse your normal laces with digital technology. The technology is only in its infancy stage so it’s not as spectacular as it is in the film but Nike are keen to point out that this is just the first iteration. Essentially the laces are already tied and go from loose to tight automatically.

So how do you get a pair? To be honest, you probably don’t. The first pair of Nike Mags quite suitably were delivered to Michael J. Fox yesterday. Other pairs will only be available via auction, where all proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. To know when the auctions will be, keep an eye out on the Nike Website as well as their Twitter feed where details will be announced in Spring next year.




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