Nike Mag Trainers: Back to the Future


Great Scott! The sneakers that were once described as the best shoes never made, have now actually been produced and offered for sale by Nike. I’m sure we all remember the legendary scene from the second movie where Michael J Fox scoots around Hill Valley on his hoverboard, and even the excellent look of surprise on his face as they lace themselves up. You may remember us bringing these to your attention over a year ago, with the Nike patent application.

These Nike Mag trainers, the iconic set from Back to the Future: Part II, worn by Marty, are on a limited release. These bad boys, whilst not capable of lacing themselves, do actually have their own glow which has a charge to last 5 hours. They’re a sheer work of art, absolutely beautiful, and a certain improvement on the childish look we had seen a year ago.

A total of 1,500 are going to be sold for a period of 10 days over Ebay. All proceeds of these sales will be going to the Michael J Fox Foundation. In fact, not only that, but all the money raised by these sales will be matched by Sergey Brin, the founder of Google.

I would suggest you do not miss out on your chance to own the best pair of trainers I have ever seen! Not only would you get that amazingly great feeling of owning a unique and limited edition piece of history, but you’ll also be donating to charity and helping to ease the suffering and search for a cure to the condition that affects so many people in the world today.

I’m somewhat upset to report that the bids for these are pushing through the roof – so if you happen to have £000’s to spare, go wild and buy some. I will be remortgaging my erm, iPhone, this week in order to get some…

Check out the video as well as a message from Michael J Fox: