It seems more and more these days clothing designed for the great outdoors finds itself being donned by Joes and Janes in the big city when winter hits town. Down jackets and hiking boots are no longer exclusively for the adventurers at Snowdon with urbanites opting for the same when duffels and Derbys just won’t keep the wet out.

NikeLab ACG Holiday Collection 2015

One brand who are keen to embrace the trend is NikeLab’s ACG arm. Now in its fourth season, the predominantly outerwear brand is undoubtedly an urban master. Taking techniques and lessons learned from clobber preferred by adventurous Joes, streetwear is given a rainy and blizzard-friendly makeover – perfect for those who want a minimalist look which offers maximum functionality, protection and adaptability.

The ACG 2015 Holiday Collection is based around the idea of transitions, such as from cycling to getting stuffed into the Central Line. Pieces such as the ACG 2-in-1 Men’s Long Bomber illustrate the point perfectly.

NikeLab ACG Holiday Collection 2015 4
The Long Bomber comes with a waterproof and wind-resistant hooded shell, as well as lightweight windproof inner jacket that can be worn separately when things get too heated – namely on the Tube. To further prove the practicality point, the jacket can be strapped up and worn like a backpack to save you carrying it.

NikeLab ACG Holiday Collection 2015 1
But it’s not only your torso which NikeLab want to take care of. For those Joes who are fed up with having to dodge puddles for fear of waterlogging, the Flyknit Lupinek SFP shoe offers a breathable and weather proof option. The Flyknit upper means it’s still very lightweight, while some added leather provides durability and a premium look.

The NikeLab ACG Holiday 2015 Collection is available from now and you can check out the whole range at the Nike Website and selected Nike retailers. Garments start at £35 for some of the tees and rise to over £500 for some of the technical men’s jackets, including the 2-in-1 Long Bomber.

NikeLab ACG Holiday Collection 2015 5
NikeLab ACG Holiday Collection 2015 2



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