Star Wars: The Force Awakens is less than a month away and we’re at fever pitch! As well as being treated to the film, this also means we get to feast our eyes on a Jabba load of awesome merchandise. Most of the time it’s for youngsters but this Nixon offer us adults geeks a chance to be a part of the gang with some rather cool Star Wars-inspired watches and accessories.

Nixon Star Wars Dark Side Collection: Part 2

The Nixon Star Wars Dark Side Collection: Part 2, as it’s officially called, follows Nixon’s first Star Wars instalment in September. Only this time, they’ve gone all evil on us with pieces influenced by Darth Vader, Storms Troopers, Imperial Pilots and everyone’s favourite bounty hunter Boba Fett.

First up we have the Darth Vader inspired accessories which includes pretty sleek and attractive watches, two leather wallets, a belt, and a badass backpack we’re not sure the Sith Lord would quite pull off but we’re sure you could!

The Boba Fett inspired gear only consists of two watches and is a little less sleek but you have to remember this is Boba Fett, so it’ll instantly give you cool points around your fellow Joes.

The Storm Trooper collection is as extensive as the Vader one and contains some clean and stylish White timepieces as well as a backpack and a wallet or two. Finally the Imperial Pilot range contains three suitably dark watches and is a little more understated than the others.

You can check out the whole Nixon Star Wars Dark Side Collection: Part 2 on the Nixon Website where prices start at £45 for the wallets and rise up to a whopping £2,125 for the limited edition Darth Vader watch. If you’re more light hearted, be sure to look out for the good guys collections in Spring 2016, where you’ll be able to get merch inspired by the Jedis, Rebel Pilots, Droids and the Millennium Falcon.

Nixon Star Wars Dark Side Collection Part 2 Imperial Pilot



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