Time is precious for us urban commuter Joes and even the most menial of tasks can take a couple of seconds too long. So for fellow lazy Joes out there, take a look at the North Face Access Pack, a new backpack with a spring-loaded compartment that’s opened at the touch of a button.

North Face Access Pack

The North Face Access Pack is designed with ease and functionality in mind. In order to achieve the brief, not only has a button for access been installed, it’s been designed with a rugged aluminium frame inside the canvas material. It’s also made with a foam body and a main compartment with pockets specifically designed for certain devices, so all your valuables will be extremely well protected.

It weighs around just 2kgs and the contents of the bag will even raise out when it’s opened. It performs this magic through tabs which are connected to the pocket’s liner. When you pull the tab, the liner raises, which effectively pulls your gear out of the pocket without you ever having to dig yourself.

North Face Access Pack 3
Inside this North Face backpack, everything is neatly divided for protection and for ease of access. There are fleece-lined media pockets for your phone and books, a dedicated mesh sunglasses pocket, and even an external laptop pocket with a pull handle and zippers which have been PU coated, so they’re water resistant. There’s also an external reflective logo and outline on the bag if you’re a cyclist.

The North Face ‘Access Pack’ is available in selected stores and on the North Face Website for around £160 ($235). Be warned though, this beauty has clearly got Joes excited as it’s already sold out on the website with more stock expected at the end of May.

North Face Access Pack 4
North Face Access Pack 2



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