Take a Look at The North Face’s New ‘Active Trail’ Collection

If you’re anything like us, one of lockdown life’s small pleasures has been venturing outside for a run around the block. And one of the few things we’ve actually spent money on (other than booze) has been some new workout gear. With that in mind, take a look at The North Face’s latest release: the ‘Active Trail’ collection.

Following the release of its ‘Black Series’ range, The North Face has unveiled a new line of activewear dubbed the ‘Active Trail’. Designed with the trail in mind and a focus on everyday performance, the new collection boasts bold colours and new cuts, making it the perfect for life in lockdown.

The men’s and women’s collections feature the latest in fabric technology, including Futurelight to ensure you stay comfortable and dry, whatever the weather this spring. There’s a whole range of items, ranging from joggers and vests, to jackets and running shoes.

The North Face ‘Active Trail’ Collection 3

Highlights in the collection include the E-Knit Jacket, an ultra-versatile water repellent jacket which features an engineered-weave construction and articulated elbows that deliver stretchiness and flexibility for restriction-free movement on the trail. On the footwear front, the waterproof Ultra Traction Futurelight Trail Shoes regulate body temperature and provide reliable grip and performance on super-technical trails.

The North Face’s ‘Active Trail’ collection is now available now over at The North Face Website as well as at select retailers.

The North Face ‘Active Trail’ Collection 4
The North Face ‘Active Trail’ Collection 2

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