We’re men of simple pleasures here in the office at Average Joes HQ, and we’re rarely happier than when we’re sat on the sofa in our PJs ploughing through a boxset on Netflix. With that in mind, we love the look of these premium unisex pyjamas by Nufferton.

Nufferton Unisex Pyjamas

You won’t find many brands on the fashion market who solely focus on nightwear but that’s exactly what new Stockholm-based label Nufferton are all about. The Swedish label have just launched with an eye to reinvent and ignite the popularity of the humble pajama (or ‘pyjamas’ to us mere mortals).

Nufferton launched just this year and have a design philosophy and aesthetic rooted in its Swedish heritage. The brand was founded with the idea of creating a contemporary version of the classic, but nearly forgotten, garment. This is important stuff to Swedes as they apparently spend more time at home than anyone else in the world!

Nufferton Unisex Pyjamas 2
The label’s first collection revolves around three simple but colourful designs with pyjamas coming in Nautical Stripes, Polka Dots or Checkerboard patterns. All of the inaugural collection is unisex with the range offering a slimmer fit for Joes and a looser fit for Janes. As you can tell from Nufferton’s lookbook, these are no ordinary pyjamas. Made from 100% cotton, the vibrant lookbook is as bold as the designs it showcases.

While they are primarily a pyjama label, Nufferton are also keen to insist they’re a ‘creative platform where we collaborate with our favourite artists, designers, photographers, chefs, directors, writers and musicians.’ As such, they’re currently also working on a short film and a music track, among other things. So watch this space!

If you like the idea of being fashionable when you’re getting some zeds as much as we do, head over to Nufferton’s Website where a set of their pyjamas will set you back around £81 (€110) a pair. Nobody said sleeping in style was cheap!

Nufferton Unisex Pyjamas 3



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