With the watch market often seemingly blurring into one big mass of steel and dials, we think it’s good to stand out from the crowd occasionally. And one watch which certainly does so is this Perpetual Calendar watch by Swiss luxury timepiece makers Ochs und Junior.

Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar Watch

Individually manufactured in Switzerland, the Perpetual Watch comes in a 42mm grade 5 titanium case with a patina dial, platinum PT950 hands and rhodium markers. But the main thing you’ll notice is Ochs und Junior’s clever use of analogue Orange dots to represent the day, month and year, meaning no need for an oversized display which can often distract from reading the time.

Following the date is simple, the 30+1 holes around the perimeter of the dial display the date with the 10 minute markers serving as reference points. E.G. the marker indicating 30 minutes also shows the 15th day of the month.

Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar Watch 1
The 4 perforations in the middle of the watch indicate the month. When the outermost perforation points to 1 o’clock, it is January; when the outermost perforation points to 2 o’clock, it is February; and so on. The perforations themselves indicate leap years and there’s even a dial at the top to show you your power reserve.

The amazing thing about the Perpetual Calendar watch is its functions comprises of just nine additional parts. The idea behind so few is that fewer parts will mean fewer interactions between parts and therefore higher reliability. The sum of 40 years of watchmaking experience, the perpetual calendar watch is designed for everyday use.

Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar Watch 2
The main issue we’ve found with perpetual calendar watches in the past is they’re notoriously difficult to set. Most require complex pushers and the date can rarely be adjusted backwards. Thankfully Ochs und Junior’s time can be set simply using the crown, and the date is adjustable both forwards and backwards.

If you like the look of the Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar Watch as we do, you should probably know the price – a whopping £15,500 excluding VAT (CHF 20’240). Head over to the Ochs und Junior Website for more details.

Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar Watch 4



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