Ockham Razor

Ockham Razors believe that your razor shouldn’t shout at you. They believe shaving should be a tranquil experience – calm and peaceful with the radio on and the aroma of coffee wafting through from the kitchen. We couldn’t agree more!

It seems most minimalist razors are ‘designer’ made and the cost reflects that. But the Ockham Razor is a simple and beautiful razor with the convenience of cartridge blades, that won’t break the bank.

The Ockham Razor is made with a one-piece handle, precision cast in England from solid metal, and it aims to be a design classic, borne from a belief that form should follow function, and that the simplest designs are often the best.

The zinc-made Ockham razor is ergonomically simple, has a perfectly balanced weight and is slightly longer in length. The sophisticated lines of the design also make it much easier to keep clean – unlike most other razors, which have lots of separate bits of plastic and rubber that quickly get clogged up with soap and limescale.

The razor is compatible with standard Gillette Mach 3 blades. Most importantly, the blades are widely available at supermarkets so wherever you are you can get hold of new blades when you need them.

Like us, Ockham “care about design and strongly believe that beautiful products are a pleasure to use.” The Ockham Razor is available on Kickstarter and there’s three different options. The Classic Ockham Razor for £30, the Black Special Edition for £50, and the Copper Special Edition for £70. Each of the three types of can also be personalised with your name or initials on the top of the razor handle for an extra £20 with shipping included for UK customers.

Check out the Ockham Razor on their Kickstarter Website.