Old Spice is back!


Old Spice is back… Well technically it never went away but we can safely say it is definitely back with the latest advert. I first caught it last week, and I was slightly bemused. I sat there thinking ‘what? Huh?’ but the more I think about it, the more it could well be advertising genius.

The plot? A hunky man telling the female audience everything they could ever want, he has. And yes their boyfriend may not be able to look like him, but they can sure smell like him. Sounds confusing? Well firstly it is mainly aimed at women (to an extent) as they are the biggest buyer of male fragrance. But, we can see the flip side here, what he is really doing is tell us, the male audience, get old spice, be me!

The series and model (Isaiah Mustafa) has actually been a hit over in the US for a while now. After launching the campaign last year, it attracted 6.7 million views after 24 hours, ballooning over 23 million views after 36 hours and fast becoming one of the most successful online advertising campaigns.

Start off by watching the video, think how cheesy it is, and then watch how it sticks in your mind. Failing that, would you actually believe Old Spice was first released in 1938? For that reason alone, we think it is about time we all went back in time, donned our sharp suits in a time when everyone made the effort and bring back Old Spice to where it belongs.