Oliver Sweeney x Oliver Proudlock Collaboration

Proudlock has emerged at the forefront of British fashion for his distinctive and eccentric style, and he gets to showcase his love for fashion on primetime TV. He’s teamed up with another of fashions famous Oliver’s, Mr Sweeney to present a limited collection of funky chukkas boots and high-top sneaks to add a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit.

The designs combine chunky soles, thick laces and leopard print designs with bold suede and slick leather embodying Proudlock’s showy and unique street fashion values, alongside Oliver Sweeneys quality materials, and premium finishes. This bond is illustrated with a small “bind/plus” logo stitched into each design.

The standout piece for us at averagejoe’s is the Nox Pardus High-Top in Black. They are slick enough to fit into any outfit, but just quirky enough to set them off!

You can check out the whole Oliver Sweeney + Oliver Proudlock collaboration plus much more at oliversweeney.com.