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If there’s two things which have always gone hand-in-hand it’s racing and fashion. From the days of James Hunt through to Lewis Hamilton, style has always played a role in the spectacle. Which is why we love Omologato Watches, a watchmakers who use Motorsport as the inspiration behind each of their beautifully-made timepieces.

UK-based Omologato specialise in creating bespoke, quality timepieces with an intricate connection to historic motoring and motor racing. Each piece carries discreet detail that relates to the name of the piece, and results in a very clean look, but with a clear link to motorsport and famous liveries.

There are plenty of collections in the Omologato range, including the Hesketh – which naturally pays homage to the days of James Hunt and Hesketh Racing; the Americas – a collection dedicated to the great Motorsport Heritage of The Americas; and the Racing Chrono – which features the beautiful Chrono 24, a timepiece dedicated to Martini Racing.

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But our favourite in any of Omologato’s collections is the classic British Racing Green timepiece. Limited to just 100 pieces, the British Racing Green pays homage to the origins of the iconic colour which was founded when Britain entered the Gordon Bennet Cup in 1902.

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The face of the piece represents the detailed dials used in some of the cars that raced during the 50s and 60s, and shows info such as distance travelled. The Orange needles come from the historic link BRM Racing had with the iconic colour. Jaguar still use it to this day on their new Project 7 F-Type.

Omologato Watches are priced between £239 for a Chrono to £339 for the British Racing Green. Head over to the Omologato Watches Website to see the whole collection.

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