Paul Smith Optimistic Fragrance


This isn’t really a competition, it is more get something for free for doing absolutely nothing! We have 4 bottles of Paul Smith Optimistic Fragrance to give-away, 2 for the men, and this may surprise you, but 2 for the women as well.

Paul Smith Optimistic for Him
A masculine fragrance that combines an outdoorsy freshness with a sensuality that appeals to girls. Essentially it is a classic male fragrance in the Fougère (“fern-like”) family of scents, underpinned by a happy, seductive quality.

Paul Smith Optimistic for Her
A feminine fragrance that combines floral tenderness with a fruity top note. It is fun and yet familiar as well – exciting and yet somehow comforting, playful, yet decidedly feminine.
The ingredients are simple and youthful, designed to evoke a feeling of joyful pleasure and elegance.

Our resident Fashion hero @SmillieBoi already has some and believes it is ‘amazing’! And the guy smells good too!

To get one? Well we want to thank our readers, soooooo we will choose 4 lucky randoms from our Facebook page. Once you are on it, keep an eye out on Friday for a special status update, when you see it all will become clear! Now I am sure you want to check if you are on our Facebook, so we will choose the lucky recipients on Friday 13 May (argh Friday the 13th!?) at 6pm GMT. Now if you want to sneak over and join, I won’t tell anyone I promise…. Bookface

If you don’t get one, never fear Paul Smith are also giving away various goodies on their facebook page over here.