Philips Bodygroom Series 1000

Confidence comes from pride within, so we firmly believe that the modern Joe should take pride in all aspects of his appearance. And yes, that does include some of the more intimate areas of the body. Thankfully Philips have us covered with the new Bodygroom series 1000.

It’s designed to comfortably trim unwanted body hair in the more sensitive areas so you’re always prepared for any occasion, if you catch our drift..

With its sleek, ergonomic design, the Bodygroom series 1000 is designed to minimise skin irritation and provide men with the most comfortable, smooth body grooming experience to date.

It features a new shaver technology, to enable a close shave and totally smooth result. But the unique skin protector on the Bodygroom series 1000 has also been designed to guard even the most sensitive body areas, allowing a comfortable trim as close as 0.5mm without directly exposing the skin to the blade.


The innovative design allows hair to be trimmed both backwards and forwards, making it possible to catch hairs, even when they grow in different directions. It also comes complete with a trimming comb for those to want to achieve a longer look – although we’re not going to be endorsing that!

“As the leader in the category, Philips has a heritage in understanding how to help men look and feel their best, and consistently strives to innovate and meet their changing needs,” said Steve Griffiths, Philips Male Shaving and Grooming Marketing Manager.

The Bodygroom series 1000 is easy to clean and use in or out of the shower, with a convenient shower cord for hanging when not in use. Handy.

The Philips Bodygroom 1000 includes one AA battery which they say will give up to 2 months of use and the blade never needs to be replaced. You can get hold of your Bodygroom for around £20. Check out the Philips Grooming Website for more details.