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PLIQO: ‘The Smartest Garment Bag in The World’

Travelling and commuting while on business can be one of your working life’s real chores. You need to look smart, but nobody likes travelling in a suit. Well, you may never need to travel in your suit again thanks to ‘the smartest garment bag in the world.’ Say hello to the PLIQO!

The PLIQO bag could just mean no more uncomfortable long flights or train journeys. The PLIQO allows you to fold and pack your suit, carry it as hand luggage, and unpack it in perfect condition when you’re at your destination. Classified as a ‘laptop bag’ or ‘handbag’, that means it can also be carried onto the plane in addition to your normal hand luggage.

The concept is simple in concept, but it’s far more ingenious in practice. By using a patent pending folding garment hanger, the PLIQO lets you fold your suit down to the size of a laptop bag – with minimal creasing. It features large internal dimensions and a tough outer shell to keeps suits virtually crease-free – even on the longest of journeys.

The PLIQO bag is the brainchild of Patrick Tatham, who used his own travel experiences – and his network of frequent flying friends – to design a product that will make business travel and commuting more comfortable and convenient than ever before.


The result is a bag, that when fully open, has a usable area measuring 127cm x 66cm – making it big enough for even the largest items of formal wear. But when normally packed, the PLIQO bag measures in at only 39cm x 30cm x 8cm – making it simple to pack the PLIQO bag into every type of cabin luggage.

The contemporary design is finished in tough, stylish abrasion-resistant nylon and leather trim. Easy to use, the PLIQO comes with three external pockets, a carry handle and a shoulder strap, making it also ideal for cyclists or essentially anyone on a commute who needs to dress formally, but prefers not to travel in a suit.

The PLIQO travel bag for suits is being funded over at Indiegogo where it’s already raised 400% of its initial target. Head over to the Indiegogo Website now where you can get hold of one for as little as £100, or head over to the PLIQO Website for more specs and details.




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