The Puma Blaze Knit is another new take on the popular Blaze of Glory silhouette that has been the recipient of a number of fresh new collaborations and updates over the past few months. Following suit from the bigger players in the market, Puma have begun investing in knitted materials to make their sneakers comfier, lighter and have that more snug fit. Apply this to the Blaze Knit and this is what you get.. Read on for our tried and test Puma Blaze Knit Review.

Puma Blaze Knit Review

Since the Blaze Knit’s most obvious feature is, well, the knit, lets have a look at that first. It is an interesting weave of a very light, synthetic fabric that gives a layered, textured, herringbone appearance. Whilst other brands have created form fitting knits, Puma have taken a different approach by using their knit as a base layer and structuring other fabrics and synthetics around it. This gives the Puma Blaze Knit a different appearance, with the knit fabric being only a part of the design, rather than the entirety. As you may have expected, the knit fabric gives the sneaker a much lighter feel than some of the other Blaze of Glory models.

The knit is the real difference between the Blaze Knit and Blaze of Glory. There are many other similar characteristics that are continued in the Blaze Knit, including Puma’s Trinomic Cushioning. The Trinomic Cushioning system was developed back in 1989 for their running models, and is still quite popular today having been refreshed in 2015 with the rerelease of those original XT 1s. The cushioning is a hexagonal based system featuring clear rubber cells which expand and collapse as you apply pressure through your stride, providing stability, cushioning and flexibility. Yeh, we aren’t science guys OK? Still, it is provides a nice ride for your foot and that’s what matters.


The Puma branding is evident on the heel, and on the wrap over tongue. The lacing system works its way quite high up the tongue allowing for a bit of customisation and choice depending on how tight you want to wear them. One issue with this, however, is that it obscures that Puma archive logo in the process. We preferred these done up though as they really lock the foot in to place. The classic Puma formstrip is present on the Blaze Knit as you would expect, however, due to the design it is somewhat obscured. The black colourway we had to hand is particularly bad for this, whilst the others launching alongside it in blue and red have a far more obvious formstripe.

What did we think? Overall, the Blaze Knit is a welcome step forward for Puma’s Blaze of Glory. Whilst it probably won’t get the same love and attention that, say, the Blaze of Glory x Monkey Time or X-Large Blaze of Glory colabs recently got, the Blaze Knits would make for an excellent pair of every day beaters. They fit well and they are durable, and thanks to the knit fabric are a bit nicer to wider feet than some of the other Blaze of Glory models due to their stretch. That being said, as far as their knit fabric goes, it may still be lagging behind Primeknit or Flyknit.

The Puma Blaze Knit is out from Friday 26th February 2016 in sizes 6 and up in black, blue and red. You can cop a pair here from Footasylum.



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