Ever since Back to the Future hit the cinema screens, self-lacing trainers have been every sneakerhead’s dream. Nike attempting it on Back to the Future Day back in 2015 to some degree of success but it’s still never properly come to fruition. That is, until now. Take a look at the Puma Fi, a self-lacing trainer which Puma wants you to test out.

Puma Wants You to Test Their New Self-Lacing Trainers

Aptly named the Fi (shorthand for Fit Intelligence), Puma’s new trainer features laces that can be tightened at the swipe of a finger. Located at the usual place you’d find laces, instead the Fi comes with a raised block which houses a micro-motor used to power a cable system embedded in the shoe.

The technology enables users to tighten and loosen their trainers via a control panel integrated on top of the Fi module. To activate it, all wearers need to do is simply swipe upwards to tighten, or downwards to loosen.


It sounds like a fool proof system but it’s one that Puma want to put to the test before rolling it out on production silhouettes. They’ve therefore sent out an open call for beta testers, asking for “tech-savvy” people to trial the advanced technology before making it officially available to consumers in 2020.


Puma say the Fi is tailored to workouts and light running, and as well as the self-lacing system, it also boasts some integrated smart sensors which Puma say are able to learn the shape of each user’s foot, adapting the fit to each wearer. Athletes can even adjust the fit of their footwear via a smartphone app, even while on-the-go.

If you want to test out the Puma Fi – and who wouldn’t!? – you can sign up via the Pumatrac training app, which is available on both iPhone and Android. Find out more over at the Puma Website.




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