Rains Menswear

With the showers settling in and the temperatures plummeting, it’s fair to say your wardrobe is going to need an overhaul sooner rather than later. But we love clothing this time of year and nobody does the cooler seasons better than the Scandinavians. One of our favourite menswear brands to come out the region in recent years is Danish label, Rains.

With a name like Rains, it’s hardly surprising that this Copenhagen-based brand specialise in protection from the elements. Thanks to Denmark’s unpredictable weather, Rains have learnt to fight the harsh weathers and even embrace it with durable and stylish garments that should have you covered all the way through to spring. We headed to the Lake District with some of Rains’ garments to put them through their Great British weather paces.

The Rains Autumn/Winter 2016 collection draws its inspiration from the concept of ‘layers’, with perfectly Scandinavian minimalist jacket, coat and trousers designs which adopt even more minimalist names for their garments, such as ‘Parka’ and ‘Trousers’. The Rains catalogue isn’t extensive but it doesn’t need to be with beautiful coats and bags their bread and butter.

We took the Rains Jacket in Green along with us as we strolled around Lake Windermere, and we absolutely loved what it had to offer. This modern interpretation of the classic rubber raincoat is lightweight enough to make it easy to carry around if the sun ever comes out, and practical enough with holes under the back shield and two ventilated eyelets under each armpit ensuring there’s plenty of air circulation. Little added technical details like a cap on the hood to ensure rain skids off in the right direction also lets you know you’re wearing quality.

Rains Menswear 4
The style of the Jacket is the perfect fusion of form and function, with Scandinavian minimalism clearly on show. The elegant Green matt surface along with the button fastening on the front makes the Jacket as perfect for the High Street as it is for the countryside. We would maybe have liked a pocket or two extra inside the coat but we’re being picky. And the two buttoned pockets on the front give you enough room for any essentials.

The Rains Day Bag is a sporty, practical and fashionable backpack. Available in Black, Smoke, Rust and Wan Blue (we opted for the Smoke), the first thing you’ll notice about the Day Bag is access to the main cabin is through a unique centralised front zip opening. While it might not conducive when you need to pack for a weekend away, it does actually make everything far more accessible if you’re just heading out for the day – and the clue is sort of in the title!

Rains Menswear 2
In the main compartment of the Day Bag, there’s also room for an inner pocket (perfect for phones etc.), and there’s an additional cabin for your laptop at the back, which is this time accessible via a zip at the top of the bag. With adjustable straps and a volume of 25 litres, we make the Day Bag perfect for the commute to work!

Unsurprisingly with this sort of quality, Rains have just started to make their way over to the UK with retailers like Topman and ASOS beginning to stock them. Head over to the Rains Website now where you can get hold of the Jacket for around £75 and the Day Bag for around £80.

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